Please read carefully the manufacturer’s label that big bag has, and make you sure that filling product doesn’t exceed authorized maximum load (Safe Working Load or SWL):

  • Do not use second hand big bags. They may be damaged or contaminate your product.
  • Do not reuse big bags unless they have been manufactured and labelled to this purpose. If that’s the case, please examine the bags carefully before filling them again.
  • Do not fill the big bags with highly-hot contents.
  • Do execute transport maneuvers softly when big bag is in suspension.
  • Do consider the possible effects of electrostatic charge during big bag’s loading and unloading.
  • Do examine visually all the big bags before filling them and check that discharge spout is correctly closed.
  • Do use elevation means with capacity enough for standing suspended goods.
  • Do adjust forklift forks up to big bag width.
  • Do make you sure that forklift’s forks or elevation hooks have the correct size and that they are rounded.
  • Do protect big bags from rain and long-term sun exposition.
  • Do not drag the big bags by the floor and avoid brushes with forklift mast.
  • Do not let anyone be under suspended big bag.
  • Do not lift 4 loops big bags with less of intended elevation points. In case of dropping, lift up the bag using a string all along the 4 loops.
  • Do not remove forklift forks until the big bag is completely stable in the floor. Avoid brushes when introducing and removing forklift.
  • Do not make more than 3 level stacking unless the big bags have been produced for this purpose.
  • Do consult any doubt you may have with your supplier.