Satucesa Europa

Satucesa Europa


With more than 20 years career and founded by partners with a long experience behind them, Satucesa Europa is a company created by and for packaging sector, with the aim of distributing big bag flexible containers in the Eurozone. We are mainly focused in two business lines:

  • Alimentary industry: with this we mean production of foods compounds as well as agriculture sector. In this industry is indispensable to maintain an effective and strict control of quality standards as final product will be consumed by animals and humans.
  • Chemical industry: characterized by the high exigency to its suppliers and also by an advanced technical level -due to need of handling and preservation of the goods.


This specialization has come of an advantage regarding other big bag suppliers –for example building industry, because it has accustomed us to manage business with the highest rigor, and to be always aware of the importance of Quality in all the aspects.

We reinforced this inclination in October 2010, when we constituted the company ATEA as our own manufacturer in Turkey. There we get the best quality in the whole market as well as procedures control that allows us to offer packaging solutions in any technical level with all the guarantees.

Apart from our manufacturer, we maintain a few external reliable suppliers with different specializations in order to assure to our clients that in Satucesa, any need has its solution.

Our commitment

In Satucesa we don’t resign ourselves by supplying goods: we want to provide our clients with the best industrial textile packaging solutions, studying every single case in order to bring a proactive and customized advice which will warrant a total satisfaction of our clients’ needs.


Satucesa Europa, the best packaging solution