Our Big Bags


We supply packaging solutions in the Eurozone, mainly in chemicals and food industry. Satucesa is always offering FIBC’s best warranties to all of our clients, adapting our business up to applicable law and market requirements.

Our aim is the quality, both in products and procedures. Therefore, summoning to the philosophy of continuous improvement, our efforts are focused in finding the best distribution synergies, getting the best quality and to apply the best innovations to our big bag containers. All of this taking profit of the economies of scale.

In Satucesa, every need has its solution, brought in the most professional way by our experienced and highly-qualified team.


So many names for one solution: “FIBC”, “big bag”, “jumbo bag”, “bulk container”, “GRG”…

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) or big bag, is the most popular packaging for bulk goods due to its resistance, product protection, valid space optimization and handling agility.

 In Satucesa, we want to cover the more industrial packaging needs as possible, always with top quality; for that, we keep in permanent stock all those designs, models and dimensions that are more demanded.

If anyone doesn’t find its solution in our permanent stock, our sales team will study the case with its long experience to find or manufacture a totally customized FIBC that will bring the best functionality.


In order to guarantee the maintenance of our Quality standards in the highest level, we have summoned to the ISO Regularization System with a valid System Management Certificate based on legal European framework for Industry Flexible Container commercialization. With this, we can assure to all of our clients that our procedures and goods comply with all the quality and security rules.

Regarding to homologations, we want to remark that we are able to produce homologated Big Bags, so they’re up to alimentary use.


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